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Use different Widgets to add content to the empty page. Create and use any kind of content type e.g. images, text.

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Blogging should be easy. You just create new blogpost and add content via the same Widgets like to add content.

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Do you have questions or want to send us some message? Every content editor can create and set contact form.

Starter Kit for NodeJS CMS

Starter Kit for NodeJs CMS is based on the Bootstrap, but you can use any kind of CSS framework or your custom CSS in Nodee CMS (e.g Miligram, Bulma, PureCSS, BlazeCSS).

Data and its view are separated. Redesign of your website won't be a problem. You don't need do any data transfer, change view only. Next advantage is, that CMS has API, you can use data from CMS like you want, for example to view data in mobile app.

Starter Kit has basic Widgets, that you will use on the websites. But you can quick add more complex widgets. Create new website is easy and fast as well as add content. Every Widget can be used in other website, just copy& paste its code and other settings. Do following steps to create a new website:

  1. Add default layout. This will be on each page (e.g. menu, footer). You can create more default layouts for one website. Landing page needs simpler layout than regular page.
  2. Create different page's templates (homepage, blog, blogpost, empty page, etc.)
  3. Partials are can be used in different pages. Partials are parts with specific function (pagination, breadcrumbs and others).
  4. Widgets are used to add content. Starter Kit shows you basic Widgets - text, image, text&image, carousel, image gallery, forms and lists.

See documentation to find out how to install and use Nodee CMS build in NodeJS.

Visit content page and sidemenu page to see different types of content widgets and partials. Don't forget to sign up for newsletter to get hints and info about progress.

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